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FUELFUEL is a non-profit organisation which provides students with access to information and opportunities about available career options.

Many students lack clear information of education and career opportunities which prohibits them from reaching their full potential in a field of their choice.FUEL aims to address this issue by connecting students to right education and career opportunities through its Career Planning and Guidance services. It also gives students information and advice about various viable short term job oriented career options.

FUEL operates in 5 states of India: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Assam, working with over 2500 schools and 5 lakh students (Std 8th to 12th).

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We are located:
FUEL Flat no. 5 Mohite Tower, Sinhagad Road Anand Nagar,
Maharashtra, Pune - 410051
:086-000-35498 +07-709-005-499
: helpline@studentsfuel.com